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Twelve Oaks Software Ltd is a start-up software company that offers a great deal of bespoke technological services and products within the digital realm of business. Although a new company, 12OS boasts highly motivated and energetic developers, innovators, architects and testers. These vital traits ensure a very successful software development company, whose main focus is in the quality of the products we deliver.

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Some Recent Work

Across mobile apps, database designs and analytics, web systems, project management, consultancy and maintainence; Twelve Oaks Software are always providing top quality systems with the option of extended support and training.
Here are a few examples of the projects we worked on.


Consultancy, System Architecture and Development. Full re-branding development of iOS, management of Android development and the associated upgrade to the backend system. Since the iOS and Android release, we have also recently completed development of the Windows Phone app, built for Windows Phone 8.1  and structured to function perfectly on Windows Phone 10.


Project Consultancy and System Architecture design for Forward Nigeria, an app commissioned to inform Nigerians and others about President Jonathan's efforts to push Nigeria forward.

An independent puzzle game designed for one player. On multiple game boards of varying difficulty, you have 12 pieces and have to place the pieces in order to completely fill the grid.

Out on iOS, Android and Windows

Custom base numbers: a how-to guide

In day-to-day life, we think of the world in decimal (base 10); computers at their basic level run in binary (base 2), and we often count time in duodecimal (base 12). We’re going to demonstrate using Python that it is comparatively easy to write code that allows for any arbitrary base number systems. Having a […]


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